Male strippers might be on the menu for your bachelorette party but the question remains -- do you and your friends make it a girls' night out at a male strip club or do you bring the male dance show to your party?

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Hunk-O-Mania in Your Home?

Should the bachelorette party be at a male strip club or in a private venue?


By Jane Gillette
OK. You and the girls decided that male strippers at the bachelorette party are a done deal. But should you bring the bachelorette party to a male strip club or bring male strippers to the bachelorette party?

There is certainly something alluring about the prospect of a buff, barely-dressed man dancing for your pleasure in the privacy of your home as your friends clap, cheer and stare at the volcanoes of virility standing mere feet away. That's not to take away from the temptation of endless variety of male strippers to be found at the better male strip clubs out there.

So what will it be? An all you can eat buffet of beefcake at male strip club or the limited, but perhaps more intimate, male revue in the comfort and privacy of a home or rented hall?

A tough decision to make... no doubt.

Let's explore both possibilities together.

Home Theater - Redefined

A world-class male revue is truly a sight to behold.  But a male revue right there in front of you and your friends? Your living room is transformed into a small, intimate male strip club in its own right thanks to the privacy and convenience of a male stripper or two (or three or four...) showing up at your front door and performing at your bachelorette party mere inches from  you and your girlfriends.

If you choose to go the male strip club route make sure you do your homework and go with a good club that will deliver a powerful experience. Not all male strip clubs are the same!

If you're in NYC  or anywhere on the east coast for that matter, I strongly recommend the male strippers of Hunk-O-Mania. As a recent NYU grad with lots of my friends getting married, I've had a number of truly excellent parties with USAHunk.Com.

For you girls on the west coast, Hollywood Men also delivers an incredible male strip show. Trust me girls, I've been there.  After hanging out with the Hollywood Men I almost didn't want to go home!

A really good resource for male strip clubs is Male Strippers Review.

Greed is Good.

Imagine having one male dancer all to yourselves.  You and your friends get quality time with a gorgeous male stripper without having to share him with crowds of other girls in the audience. The man of your dreams (at least for a little while) will not be dancing off to another part of a crowded, noisy male strip club.  He's right there.  In that room.  With you and your friends. And he's not going anywhere until the music stops.

Flexibility is Fine.

An exquisite specimen of male dancer may be completely unavailable on the weekends (he'll be too busy at the male strip club all weekend) but he may be available to drop into your bachelorette party any other night of the week.  If there's a hunk or two you just can't get out of your minds and you don't want the male strip club experience, you may just be able to get the guy(s) you want, when you want them and where you want them at your private bachelorette party.

The Show Must Go On

The sights and sounds of a professional male strip club cannot hope to be replicated anywhere else.  Taking your bachelorette party to a male strip club takes the male dancer experience to the next level thanks to a professionally choreographed, high energy show.  Girls, think of a good male strip club as a Broadway show with much "meat" in it!

An "All-You-Can-Eat" Buffet of Men

Sure you can hire one or even a few male strippers to come to your bachelorette party but nothing compares but that just can't stack up to as many as forty different male dancers all around you. Forgive this writer's use of metaphors since you can't actually touch the male strippers (or anything else for that matter!) but you get the point; there's much more variety of male virility at a male strip club than even the most lavish bachelorette party you can throw anywhere else.

They'll Clean House For You

The end of any party is always a drag.  But cleaning up after the party is the worst part of all.  If you host the bachelorette party in one of the girls' homes you all get the "fun and excitement" of cleaning up, putting the food away, doing the dishes etc.  That's not exactly a fairy tale end to a magical night, is it? When you throw the bachelorette party in a male strip club there's no work at all for anybody; just show up, have fun and leave when the show's over.  You'll leave the work and chores for the staff of the club to fret over.

Maybe the Party WON'T be Over....

Many popular male strip clubs are hosted at high profile night clubs in most major cities.  In many cases, girls who pay for their tickets to the male strip club are more than welcomed to stay when the night club opens after the male revue is over.  That's like getting two-for-one admission at two different clubs.  First you and the girls feast your eyes on all the man candy you can handle and then the party continues long into the night at the night club long after the last male stripper takes his bow.

Some male stripper clubs even have multi-club passes that gives you and your friends access to four different night clubs just for purchasing one ticket to their male strip club.







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