How to hire Male strippers can be found on this article below. Follow the instructions on this article to ensure your next bachelorette party outing is the best it can be. The male stripper companies mentioned take pride in supplying the best in bachelorette party entertainment. Make sure to say that sent you with whatever male strippers company you choose and they will take great care of you!

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Hiring Male Strippers For Your Bachelorette Party

If you're the lucky girl in charge of planning a bachelorette party, we'll be happy to give you some advice about male strippers!


By Jane Gillette
Should You Hire Male Strippers At All?

If the bachelorette is a virgin bride who sips cocoa at night whilst she watches Disney movies in her big robe and bunny slippers, chances are she's not going to be thrilled with a bevy of barely-dressed man dancing in front of her.  Make sure the bride-to-be is cool with the idea of male strippers.  Since you're friends already you should know all about her tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. We'd hate to see a platoon of buff male strippers show up at the party to discover a mortified bachelorette. The party's over! The same goes for the other guests to your bachelorette party.  It's certainly understandable that a girl or two may be shy or even a little embarrassed by a male stripper but if more than half the room is running for the front door to make their escape, you've made a bad move.  Before you book a male stripper, take a quick mental census and make sure the girls at your bachelorette party are cool with scantily-clad buff dudes prancing around. ALSO -- make sure the kiddies aren't home when the male dancer shows up! Otherwise there'll be some explaining to do...

What Kind of Male Strippers Should You Hire?

Themes are always popular as they allow the bachelorette to at least partially fulfill a fantasy before her wedding.  At the very least, a fireman, pizza delivery boy, policeman or construction worker adds an element of lighthearted fun to the male stripper experience. Some women are turned on  by Latin male dancers, others by black male strippers and others still find that blonde haired, blue eyed hunks make them tingle. You know your friend and you know what she'd like. It's her bachelorette party so make sure you go all out and get her the perfect male strippers to accentuate the occasion.

Find a Reputable Company

Legitimate companies such as, Latinmen.Com and other male stripper companies have been around a long time and have an established track record in delivering a breathless bachelorette party. 

How can you tell if a firm offering male strippers is reputable? First, a reputable male stripper company will offer you a choice of up to five different dancers and seldom to never guarantee that the male stripper you selected is available. There are many valid reasons for this; the male stripper may have another engagement (especially on a Friday or Saturday night!), some male dancers you may request only wish to dance at a male strip club and not in private homes or venues, etc. etc. To increase your chances of getting the dancers you want, plan your bachelorette party on a Thursday or a Sunday when the dancer is much more likely to be available. It's also a good idea to book your bachelorette party two or even three months in advance which will practically guarantee the male strippers you want will be available.

Next, check out the website and see if the male dancers available are identified by name.  This is because many disreputable male stripper outfits throw a lot of pictures of buff men on their website who have no connection at all with their company. Often times, this second-rate company has one or two or maybe even three male dancers -- but that's it.  That's very little variety and even less reliability.  What if your male stripper's car breaks down and there's no one else available? Your bachelorette party goes downhill from there.

Any company that promises the very first dancer you select should be sending up warning flags for you.  Successful, well-established companies are extremely busy so it's actually a good sign if the very first male dancer you select is unavailable. If the male strippers are in high demand then you know you picked the right male stripper company to accommodate your party.

You're Hiring Male Strippers -- Not Male Escorts

A lot of first-time bachelorette party planners are under the false impression that male dancers are paid by the hour.  Not so! Male strippers are performers and they are at your bachelorette party to perform.  There is no clock running and you'll never see a professional male stripper check his watch as he dances and gyrates in front of the girls.  He's an artist executing a vision and he is done when he is done. Here's a hot tip to keep the male dancer going longer; have stacks of dollar bills on hand.  If the dancer is getting tipped as the girls are enjoying themselves, he is more inspired to keep dancing and entertaining his audience.

How Much Do Male Strippers Cost?

In the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) $200 seems to be the average rate for a performance by a single professional male stripper.  On the west coast it's a little lower; roughly $150.  In the south and the Midwest the going rate is around $100.

It's customary to pay a deposit of 50% up front and the balance upon arrival of the dancer.  Established companies can process your credit card over the phone and email you a receipt which is your confirmation and proof of payment. Look out for the shady firms that don't ask for a deposit or can't take a credit card over the phone -- these are usually "one man shows" where the guy answering the phone is the same guy showing up at your door -- if he shows at all!

Ok. It's Showtime.  Are You Ready?

Professional male dancers come prepared; they'll bring their own music on CD so make sure you're prepared with a stereo system or boom box in the room that can play CDs. Rearranging the furniture a bit may be a good idea to leave as much room as you can to let the dancer move around in more space with more freedom.

Want pictures? Have your camera ready and ask the male stripper, before he begins, if its OK to take pictures of him.  Some male dancers are also professional models and may not wish you to take pictures of them while they dance.




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