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Male Revues and Male Strip Clubs for the Ultimate Bachelorette Party


Not All Male Strip Clubs and Male Revues are Created Equal.

What separates a good male revue from a bad one and what should we look for in a good male strip show?

In One Word - Quality.

That breaks down to a number of factors including talent, venue and production. These three factors can make or break a male revue show.

Talent: When we go to a male strip club we expect to see great looking men. Every dancer in a male revue should have the body of an Olympic athlete and the face of a god as they dance and strut in front of us. Little boys, old men and guys pretending to be professional male strippers who have day jobs don't belong on the stage of a male revue show. Leave amateur night to the comedy clubs and give us ladies professional male dancers who know what they're doing and look and act the part. A superior male strip club or male revue show strictly hires professional models, actors and dancers to deliver an incredible experience.

Venue: The club hosting the show should be a space designed for a professional performances not a dark basement reminiscent of a dungeon. A stage, great lighting, comfortable seating and of course an inviting decor are all the trappings of a sexy male strip show. The better revues are usually hosted by an upscale nightclub with all the amenities to enhance the experience.

Production: The show should be a mix of not only men stripping but stripping WELL. There is an art to this, and you will see what we mean when you see a dancer who is polished and experienced vs. a cheesy amateur. The better shows all have choreographed numbers that incorporate dancing, humor and lots of sex appeal all blended together to deliver an exciting show.

We've created this directory with ratings and other helpful information. If you are having a Bachelorette party, a birthday party, or a girls night out, there is absolutely no need to look further for the Male Strip Club, Male Exotic Dancer or Male Strippers Show nearest you. We've done the research for you. Will not only help you find the very BEST places to go to but also the places to avoid! FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN!

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