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Not All Male Strip Clubs and Male Revues are Created Equal

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What separates a good male revue from a bad one and what should we look for in a good male strip show?

In One Word - Quality.

That breaks down to a number of factors including talent, venue and production. These three factors can make or break a male revue show.

When we go to a male strip club we expect to see great looking men. Every dancer in a male revue should have the body of an Olympic athlete and the face of a god as they dance and strut in front of us. Little boys, old men and guys pretending to be professional male strippers who have day jobs don't belong on the stage of a professional male revue show. Leave amateur night to the comedy clubs and give us ladies professional male dancers who know what they're doing and look and act the part. A superior male strip club or male revue show strictly hires professional models, actors and dancers to deliver an incredible experience.

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HUNK-O-MANIA (1-866-872-4865) The windy city that never sleeps is also the city that never disappoints - for the ladies!! Hunk-O-Mania in Chicago is Chicagoland's best Male Revue show in our opinion. This show features real Playgirl models as well as some of the best-looking guys we have ever seen. Hunk-O-Mania is sure to deliver the perfect bachelorette or birthday party for the ladies. What makes Hunk-O-Mania unique is their approach to catering to the audience. This is a true "Audience participation" show that involves the crowd up close and quite personal. The Hunk-O-Mania male revue is sexy AND tasteful with something for every lady in the audience whether she's an 18 year old bridesmaid or a 99 year old great grandmother or anywhere in between. Everything from the waiters to the bartenders to the male dancers to the theatre like set up is upscale A must see. Shows Sell Out in Advance! so Book Early!
MANHATTAN MEN™ MALE REVUE (1-347-852-0157) Manhattan Men is a Chippendales style male strip club & show Voted the #1 male revue in New York, NY five years in a row, now performing for the ladies in Chicago live every Friday and Saturday at 8:00PM. Tickets must be purchased in advance to ensure availability by calling the number above or by logging on to their official website. The men are smoking
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